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 Tears of love (Poem)

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IndlægEmne: Tears of love (Poem)   Man maj 14, 2012 6:38 pm

Hey alle sammen derude Smile
Ja jeg håber i vil komme med noget konstruktiv kritik Smile
Og hvis i endelig vil låne digtet, så gør endelig det Smile
eller brug det som inspiration
I må bare ikke sige, at det er jeres eget!!!
Or else the big pink dangerous powerpuff dragon is going to eat your brain Smile
Når men jeg håber i nyder dette digt Smile
Dette er et kærligheds digt om tåre Smile

Again this is for you darling,
and this poem doesn't fit to other than you,
like my heart belongs to you.

Our realationship is like a running hourglass.
Not because we don't got enough time
but because when the time is running by
we are only coming closer and closer.
In the end, in a near future.
When the last grain of sand falls down.
Nothing can come between us
not even people, nor karma or destiny
can break through such a powerfull force
just like love.

Love is a strange thing.
It is the pure vigour of our sensitive soul.
And love comes in many kind of shapes,
just like day and night.
The strength of this odd love,
can be a annihilating force.
It can corrupt and can destroy anything on its path
just like merciless death himself.
But it can also bring new born brighten life
in our shattered hearts.

The peculiar love can be showed in many forms.
Like sweetfull words.
Like a loving and careful look
a soft touch on the vulnerable skin.
But what i do believe is the most powerfull
way of showing love.
is tears.

'cause tears isn't an easy thing.
You have to sacrifice your own stubborn pride
and open up your own chaotic heart.
Of cause you have seen my tears
when i'm too tired or
when i laugh too much.
But i'm talking about tears of love.
And only a handfull have ever seen
my tears of joy and sadness

Even when my tears is made by
bittersweet sadness.
Don't waste them.
'cause tears are made by
the vigour flooding from our soul
like blood running in our vains.

Blood is the thing
which keep us alive.
It keep our delicate heart pumping
but tears and specielly tears of joy
is the one, which keep our flimsy soul alive.

Like i said before.
The ephemeral hourglass is running,
and who knows how much precious time we got left,
before we reach the final ending.
So until we reach that.
Then don't waste my sparing tears.

My trickling tears is my unerring proof
how I fell about you
the proof of my crippled heart.
Don't waste it
even if it is sad tears.
'cause every tears are sacred
and even that there are a difference
between tears
they still come from the same place
from my inner heart
from my divine soul
from my love to you.
dont ever forget that darling
so dont waste the memory of them.
even the bittersweet sad ones.
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Tears of love (Poem)
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