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 A poem of lust and desire (poem ikke for små børn) :D

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Age : 24
Geografisk sted : Danmark korsør :D

IndlægEmne: A poem of lust and desire (poem ikke for små børn) :D   Tirs maj 15, 2012 6:09 pm

Når i må meget gerne komme med konstruktiv kritik Smile
Og i behøver ikke at være søde, jeg kan sagtens tåle det hihi:D
Når men som sagt, som der står i titlen ikke for små børn!! Smile
Og hvis der er små børn, som læser dette digt Very Happy
Then the big pink powerpuff dragon is going to eat your brain Very Happy
Sådan der, så er i advaret Smile
Skulle også lige advare om, at den er rigtig lang Very Happy

Feeling hot tonight?
Why not listen to what i want to say
about true inner desires.
This is not a lovepoem
no this is a poem about lust.

I'm lying her in my bed,
feeling so lonely
thoughts flying around in my head
feeling the inner beast of desire.
it starts to corrupt me thoughts
they are circulating around one thing
and that is you my dear.

The beast of desire is clever
ohhh so wily it is.
It knows how do seduce me
just like you can
it creates a hot burning delightful fire in my body
who burns through my soul
and sets me on fire in every part of me body.
turn me on in every way.

The fire warms my body
deep down too my limed bones.
it's lighting all me inner cravings on
The beast's fire is corrupting everything
and slightly it begins to turn me into
a beast of craving desires.

You see, it is hungry.
It needs to be fed,
i need to be fed.
Let my hunger be satisfied.
Let me get my favorite food
for my starving creature

So hard to keep my hands off myself
when i'm in this graving mood.
But i wont give myself that satisfaction,
no you will have honor to do so.
The lust, the hunger tugs my deepest, darkest
most secret of all secrets fantasies to the surface.

Can you feel the craving fire?
Can you feel what i fell?
Can you see,
what a demanding creature i have become,
only because of you?

Many would think, that becoming a beast is bad.
But i have no doubt in, that my beast is in all people.
So let me see yours.
Let me feel yours.
Let me see your burning fire in your seductive eyes
let me feel your craving hunger.
Let me feed you, just like you do to me.

How hard isn't it to not imagine
me standing on your doorstep.
You like a gentleman takes me in.
Lying there again,
but this time not alone.
and this time not sober from my lusts.
ohhhh this time,
it is so hard to keep my hands from you
my handsome virile boy.

your wishes, my pleasure.
let me seduce you, like you seduced my lust.
Feeling the creature now?
My sweet-tempered hands on your body
My soft delicate skin on yours.
What about now?

My thoughts are bungled
trapped by the desire.
The only key to set me free is
satisfies me, satisfies my creature.

Some says it is a death sin
Why lust is a death sin?
I think i have the reason why it is a sin.
Because how hard isn't it to control the beast?
And how powerful isn't the beast?
And the leaders who want to control us,
don't want a wild beast on the loose.
They want to seize our satisfaction.

But we're lying here.
No one to control us,
no one to stop us.
No one to tell us no.
What do you want to do?
should we let our creatures be free?
'cause we're born to be wild.

How is it, that you are the only one
who can make me be 100% happy with myself.
We all know it, speciel girls.
We don't think we look pretty,
we don't think we're perfect
but anyway
a look from you lying beside me
wont ever lie, cannot lie.

A sweetish kiss falls on your lips.
My body pushed against yours.
Is this a good enough persuasion for you?
or do you need some more?
soft caress on your masculine body.
Feeling the muscles under you skin.
Is this enough or?

sensitive kisses falls on your body.
fell my body's raunchy moves.
Can't you see what i need?
How can you ever say no.
Do i have to beg?
Even that i'm proud and stubborn.
I can't hold on,
so just listen when i put my mouth to your ear
hear my nearly silent whispers
and the whispering words are:
"I beg you, please take me"

Luckily i can always convince you.
And my body, is your playground.
Who said, that grown-ups didn't play?
Whisper in my ears
tell me want you want.
Tell me that you want me.

i'm far away in my lust
no common sense, no facade for protection.
My body, my soul, i am in your hands.
i'm like melted butter in your power
Let me be your own playtoy
let me be your satisfaction.
play me in every way you like
i'm not finicky.

Let it be soft.
let it be hard
let it be dirty
let it be audacious.
let it be in every way you like.

touch me here and there.
touch me on my delicate privat parts
The parts only for you.
Fell the firm round breasts.
grab hard on my sensitive fanny
let me know you want me.

Kiss on every part of me
lick where i'm most sensitive
touch me every where
desire me!
Let me be yours.
Consume me.
We're perfect together you and I.
You are my incubus
me your succubus

Take me in like i want to take you into me.
Fill me up, where i wanted to be filled.
take me, grab me tighter
Can you fell my satisfaction raising?
On its way on climax.

My beast has found its favorite food,
now it is starting to be more wild and savage.
My moves are more harder
and i let you deeper into me.
Where no-one have been before.
Take what is last of my innocents

ohhhh my creature wants more and more
just like yours.
feeling the deep satisfaction
which affects my moves, my breath
creeping up from the inside.
from the bones until it reach the surface.
spreading out the every part of me
out to the fingertips
busting out in one culmination

But then i discover
it was all just in my head.
maybe you would say i should be disappointed
but i'm not.
Because even that i'm alone right here
I know, i will soon meet my boy again.
And whats wrong with imagination practice
and planning?
'cause all this hasn't been wasted
'cause it is only giving me more craving desire for you,
my love.
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A poem of lust and desire (poem ikke for små børn) :D
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