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 Cicero Amadeus (Vampire Freaks karakter fra Madeline)

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IndlægEmne: Cicero Amadeus (Vampire Freaks karakter fra Madeline)   Ons jul 11, 2012 12:19 pm

Dette er en af mine vampire freaks karakter, som i lige hurtige ser er han lavet på engelsk da vampire freaks er et engelsk forum og derfor vil jeg heller ikke oversæt ham til dansk, håber i kan oversæt selv for eller kan i altid spøger mig :3

Cicero Amadeus
Timeless demon but he had a look as a male in the 25
Arch Demon and leader of the demons
- Clever as hell and a sly, he has his ways to get out of problems
- Evil as hell and hater of angels
- His easy to talk to if you know him well
- A fighter that doesn't give up
- Charming as hell
- Feared by angels
- Sadistic and playfull
Physical description:
See photo
Brief history:
Cicero is one of the many demons that survived the extermination, he was use to a normal life with his lover ______ and they always used there time together but as the time began to chance Cicero and ______ got more and more apart, not because they wanted to but because they had to. The law made a trouble and angel and demons wasn't allowed to be together and so they made a deal about coming together again when the war was over, in the time that got on they putt up the roles as enemies and not as lovers but duty made more trouble then good and soon they had a great fight about there relationship because both of them had to deiced there people for there love and so they shut out they old love feelings for many years to come..

We are in the year of 2086 and the world has discovered that humans are not the only species that lives on earth, the government made a law that said that all none humans shall be killed on sight and so the extermination began on all none humans in England, a few and more powerful none humans was locked away as "bioweapons" so that the government had something to research on. The extermination also got the name as the plague among the many none humans and the two species that was exterminated first was vampires and lycans then came elf and dark elf leaven demons and angels to survive the extermination and they did because both species where seen as gods in there oven ways, some humans wanted the power of god and so the angels came up in power leading the government that had been killing them for 60 years. The demons became leaders of the humans that wanted to life along with the species that always had been a of the world and so a new war began to take place and new rule became the law of England, almost any human was taking in by the new super power and many of them where tortured and killed for information about the demons hid out, years got on with this war and the demon capt them self away from the light as the angels become more and more aggressive to the humans that didn't support them, life soon became harder and harder and many humans began to lost hope about the chance of getting back a normal England..

Im going to take the role as the lead of the demons and i want YC to be the angel that controls the government of England.
YC is an arch angel and a very powerful being that is feared by humans and demons but loved by angels.
YC has to be a male!
My character and YC had been old lovers but because of the war the went apart, but now when the meet there well be some old drama and some problems with feelings that comes in the way.
I love if YC is a sadistic being that tortures me character in many sick ways, you can even use medieval torture if that is what you want.
The demon leader has been taken as prisoner by YC and your going to torture my character for into about the demons
You can do what ever you want with my character but you can't kill me
There well be rape, blood, gore, torture and what you want, but don't clam if you don't want any of it.
It is up to YC if there going to be peace or more war between the angels and demons but i most say that i wanted it to be a forbidden love story in someway.

Sidst rettet af Madeline Tors aug 02, 2012 5:16 am, rettet 1 gang
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IndlægEmne: Re: Cicero Amadeus (Vampire Freaks karakter fra Madeline)   Tors jul 12, 2012 12:22 am

.... *fnis*... Cicero...

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Cicero Amadeus (Vampire Freaks karakter fra Madeline)
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